Antioch Property Management

Antioch Property Management Service that sets your property investment up front; we’ve got the service more Antioch property landlords are talking about. full time property management. Years of working closely with investors and property owners let us offer exactly the service that gets your property working for you and not the other way around. We maximize value and returns and give you all the advantage of working with a truly big player in the East Bay Antioch rental market.

Antioch Rental Property Management:

  • Tenant background checks, marketing and screening
  • Inside/outside photography and inspections for records, condition reports and marketing
  • Regular rent collection, deposits and repair response
  • Take advantage of a fully vetted list of licensed contractors
  • Full tenant interfacing takes all the headache out of being a landlord
  • Ongoing utilities inspections, compliance reports and accounting
  • Payments service for mortgages, utilities or insurance deducted and paid

There’s no more comprehensive solution to owning and profiting from rental units in the Antioch, California area.

Antioch Residential Property Management Service that lets you get on with your life. Whether you’re considering an investment in Antioch’s hot rental market or looking to get better returns and better service, we’ll outline a rental property management plan that’s fit for your current properties – or your plans. We work with Antioch and East Bay HOAs, individual investors and investment clubs all over Brentwood and beyond to provide better service than you’re currently receiving.


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